Chapter 4 Page 10
April 5th, 2011

Chapter 4 Page 10

Hey everybody, I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know the first issue of That Hellbound Train is now available for pre-order. Coming from IDW Publishing, this is the 3 issue series I just finished the art for. If you get the Previews catalog, it’s on page 158, you can’t miss it. So go to your local comic shop and ask them to order it for you!

Also, April marks the busy start of convention season for both Jim and myself. April 15-17 I’ll be at the Pittsburgh Comicon. April 23rd you can meet Jim at the webcomics panel at Long Beach Comic Con. April 29-May 1, Jim will be at a featured guest table at Wizard World Anaheim. That same weekend, April 30-May 1st, I’ll be at the Comic Geek Speak SuperShow in Reading, PA. If you’re going to any of these shows, please stop on by, say hello, and maybe buy some stuff, too!


  • Jim B.

    It’s back yeahhh and it looks like there is an old man that knows that too. lol.

    No, looks like it’s getting really interesting.

  • whyda

    Nice way to start the day by opening the rss reader and seeing a new page.

  • Another spectacular visual with the layout. Did you change your coloring technique on this page?

  • I smell a confluence of evil! EEEEEVVVVIIIIILLLLLL!

  • Amber: I haven’t changed my technique for this page, although it has evolved over time. I think this is the first time the panel boarders haven’t been white space.

  • Except chapter 1, pages 2-3.

  • Jim Soaring Falcon

    THIS old man likes it, fur sure!!

  • WooHoo! Beautiful with added mystery on top!

  • I believe we are back with our Iron chinaman’s sensei at the railroad digs…

    Nice atmosphere! 🙂

  • ArtieTech

    When do regular updates resume?
    These cliffhangers are killing me!

  • ArtieTech: I’m trying! Soon, I hope. Hang in there!

  • Steve Chaput

    I’ll try to stop by Jim’s table at Anaheim this Saturday. Sorry you won’t be there.

  • If you’ve dropped in hoping for a page (I know I was), and are disappointed to find no update here just yet, go check out Next Town Over for some Steampunky Western goodness. The art isn’t like Dave’s, natch, but it is pretty none-the-less, and the panel borders are something to behold on their own. The story is interesting as well. 🙂

  • And you can also check out Scar Tissue, which is the first project Dave and I worked on together.

  • Steve Chaput

    Really great getting a chance to chat with James at Anaheim this past weekend. Also, picked up the Shadow Valley Convention Preview, which he was kind enough to sign. Later, of course, I felt bad about not picking up some of the other stuff he had at the table.

  • Nice to meet you too, Steve! And no worries about the other stuff on the table, there’s always next time. Looks like I may be going to LA Comic Con in September. Hope to see you there.