Chapter 4 Page 19
September 6th, 2011

Chapter 4 Page 19

  • Rickety_Rico

    Say goodnight stool pigeon!

  • richsan

    well, at least he didn’t see it coming. great Pg.

  • Michael Cuccaro

    So, waterboarding is an effective interrogation device? 😉

  • Ceforeous

    Lol yes, but as seen its bad for your health. : P

  • I have a feeling that the good guys weren’t the ones who offed him.

  • Michael Cuccaro

    No, it was Mr. Scritchy, making himself some weapons out of the bench. The question is, why didn’t he just kill the Sheriff?

  • Outstanding page, as always. “Guns” isn’t just one of the best webcomics I’ve read, it’s one of the best ANYTHINGS I’ve read. Don’t stop for nothin’!

  • Matt S.

    Seems like the projectile is coming from the wrong direction… Based on what you set up in previous panels, shouldn’t it traveling right to left? Maybe it ricocheted – do I win a No-Prize?

  • Ceforeous

    Anyone know when the next pg is coming out?

  • Severely Awesome

    I first started reading this comic just before this update was posted. As soon as I started reading, it quit updating. Am I bad luck?

  • James

    This is a great comic. Could we have a new page soon? Please.

  • sparkplug54

    I hope the absence of a new page for 3 1/2 months means you guys have been busy earning a living with paying work. Let us know that you are still around, even if you can’t give a date for a new update on this amazing comic.

  • I posted this back in November on the blog section. I guess it gets passed over, so I’ll repost it here:
    As you may have noticed, there hasn’t been a new page in quite some time. For that, I apologize. Especially since we’re right in the middle of a chapter, I know it’s bad timing, but it can’t be helped. I’ve been really busy on a project that is a lot of work and tight deadlines. I’ve had to put everything else on hold while I work. I can’t give any kind of definitive date as to when the next page will be ready. It may be a while. Sorry, folks. -Dave

  • Well, that’s what RSS is for. I shall be patiently waiting. I’m just glad to see someone actually has work, so I don’t mind!

  • *Cricket,Cricket*

  • sparkplug54

    At 208, Guns has the highest rank on TWC in months. Just think where it will be when it restarts. However, real life and a paycheck are more important than working for free. Hope things are going well, guys.

  • awww.. wow it’s been stagnant for seven months already? hope they get to continue it soon. hate for it to be left hanging right when it’s starting to really pick-up..

  • Will M

    Today is Sept 6, 2012. Nothing has been added to this site for one year.

    That is the official definition of an abandoned site.

  • Michael Cuccaro

    Well, I’m glad Dave is getting lots of work! And also some well-deserved recognition:
    As much as I enjoy the webcomic, I’m more glad he’s able to make a living.

  • Thanks, Mike! I like to be able to buy food and pay the rent. I think it’s pretty swell.

    And no, the site is not abandoned. As I’ve stated before, we are on hiatus. Guns will return, in time.

  • That one guy

    So, how long’s the expected hiatus? Is there an ETA?

  • I´ve just discovered the site and the comic. I liked it very much!
    I hope you can continue!
    If you want to check mine:

  • @That one guy Stay tuned for an announcement in the next month or two…

  • Stay tuned for an announcement soon-ish… 🙂

  • Zanzibar

    I love everything about this comic! Gunslingers, mysticism and just a dash of steampunk, it’s got me hooked at every panel.

    Few comics show both the narrative vision and artistic talent to make something truly worth remembering, and you got it in spades, enough for a cartload of card decks.

    I hope you get to finish this one day, but take your time. Real life should take priorities, after all.

  • Thanks! We’re working on getting some wheels in motion to get this train back on track. Keep an eye out.

  • Now that our Kickstarter was successfully funded, the webcomic WILL continue. The new page should go up fairly soon(ish), probably within a couple weeks. Then it will continue until it’s finished. So stay tuned!