Chapter 7: Fools of Time and Terror
April 10th, 2014

Chapter 7: Fools of Time and Terror

  • J0HN62

    Looking forward to this. Excellent work guys. My only disappointment is it seems you lost all the commenters from before. Hopefully they’ll catch up for Chapter 7.

  • DaveWachter

    Thanks, John!
    Yeah, I miss the commenters, too.

  • glog

    Yeah, sometimes I think I am the only one reading this without anyone else commenting.

  • Greg Milward

    I read this every week. Its the best webcomic out there!

  • lostlittlebear

    Same here

  • palecorbie

    I’ve introduced my Deadlands group to this webcomic, so there are a handful of readers out there for sure.

  • DaveWachter

    Cool, thanks!