Chapter 1 Page 12
August 20th, 2009

Chapter 1 Page 12


  1. evaD


  2. AB

    Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. citizenDave

    Thank you, gentlemen!

  4. Veng

    This page is honestly breathtakingly beautiful. The angle was chosen perfectly, it feels like a moment of slow motion in a fast paced part of a movie.

  5. Naveen Malli

    Wow, I know I’m late to the party, but this is amazing. This page feels like something from the Matrix or a Zack Snyder film. Stunning to feel that from a comic!

  6. Bugeater

    This is one of the best single pages I’ve seen in comics. Nice work.

  7. eric

    awesome stuff. Agree with everyone here, good angles, great art, really really nice on the eyes. glad I ran into this !

  8. Juan Carlos Partidas

    I almost can see the movement in slow motion…. GREAT!!!!

  9. Michael

    Kickass splash page!