Chapter 2 Page 14
November 19th, 2009

Chapter 2 Page 14


  1. Amber

    I’ve got a few people I’d like that guy to punch.

  2. Alejandro D

    I wonder what it would take to be that strong, only if I were that strong

  3. El Dave

    Totally hearing the Street Fighter music right now…

  4. Matt Spatola

    Hey Dave…Been loving what you are doing here. I jumped in last story towards the end but went back and checked it all out. Great work!

  5. evaD

    I love the blurry appearance on the fists and the way all the lines in that part of the page toward his fist and face.

  6. AlpineBob

    Remember, Alejandro, he isn’t uing his strenth, he’s using chi! Though I notice Sifu isn’t doing it himself. I was wondering if his own chi wasn’t up to snuff, but I suppose if may be that Shoushan needs the practice. I’ll find out eventually, I expect…