Chapter 2 Page 28
January 14th, 2010

Chapter 2 Page 28

I’m having a raffle to win art by me for anyone who donates to Doctors Without Borders in aid of earthquake victims in Haiti. Check this post for the details.

– Dave


  1. evaD

    I can’t wait to see the kick on that rifle.

    On a separate note, are you guys planning to release a print version of this? I know you had a con edition a while back, but I was wondering if there were plans to collect the whole series.

  2. Simon_H

    Second on the rifle. It’s about to get messy, I think. Love the panels within a panel layout.

  3. zack kruse

    Awesome. I really want to see how this pans out and how Frank takes the whole situation. Keep it up fellas!

  4. Nuggie99

    What’s gnawin’ at him? I need to know!

    I would also like a print edition of this.

  5. Amber Love

    Coming along great, Dave! I wouldn’t mind having a go at that rifle but it would probably knock my arm clear off at the shoulder.

  6. richsan

    yet another example of storyboard mastery!!!! damn tuesday is soooo far away!!!!
    love the clouds. the coloring on this series has been exceptional and the palette your using really helps set the mood-amazing stuff-keep up the good work guys!!!!

  7. citizenDave

    evaD: When we finish up the first story, we plan to take it around and show to publishers.

    We’re also hoping to show them a sizable following of readers, which is where you guys come in and why we appreciate all the comments so much!

  8. richsan

    dave-i just got my Hal Jordan Sketch in the mail and this thing is AWESOME!!!
    i love the subtle grays-it really makes the ring pop visually. details in the hand are sick too!
    just curious did you use brush/ink washes to make this?

    thanks again for your time.
    and thanks to Dadzarro for turning me on to this site!!!!

  9. Steeven


    What’s gnawin’ at Frank!?

    Another great page.

    I too would love a print version of this. I just honestly can’t see a reason why a publisher wouldn’t want to scoop this thing up.

  10. Matt Spatola

    I’m another one who wants to see this in print. Are you still selling the convention special? I read about shopping it to publishers but are you planning on collecting the stories also, like for sale at cons?

  11. citizenDave

    richsan: Glad you like it! I use a Pentel Color Brush Pen for the inks and another empty and ragged brush pen for the washes.

    Matt: I sell the convention special at my con appearances. Right now, plans are to sell that until the whole first story is collected and shopped around to publishers. I have no plans to sell continuing print editions myself, at this time. But, you know how plans go!