Chapter 2 Page 29
January 19th, 2010

Chapter 2 Page 29

Congratulations to the winner of the 8th week of the Comments Contest: Nuggie99! I’ll be contacting you about claiming your mini sketch.

The contest continues again this week! To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment about one of this week’s new pages. Once your comment is approved, you are entered into the contest to win a free original mini sketch, made custom just for you, of any one character you choose. Full contest details are here.

Here’s a look at the mini sketch created for the 7th week’s contest winner, Dadzarro. He wanted a drawing of Bizarro, check it out:


  1. Amber

    I’m probably the only one that doesn’t like Bizarro or Mr. Mixtplkzlkwyzlk (however the f* you spell it). They’re right up there with Batmite and Snarf on my annoy-o-meter.

    As for today’s strip, well damn – that’s some mighty fine work up there. I love a sheriff that’s willing to bend the rules. Rules can be stupid. When I was studying for my gov’t job way back in my past life, I learned there was a law on the books that citizens could bring in a dead rat (at least the head) to the town clerk for a nickel. That’s right! It had something to do with the spread of disease. Plus laws are usually written to be open for some interpretation. It must be nice to be on the law side though; you’re bound to get away with the bending.


    i feel like i’m repeating myself, but another great pg! keep up the good work.

    Dadzarro-very cool pic. me am hating it!!!hahaha!

  3. Dadzarro


    Me am hate sketch! IT AM ABSOLUTELY horrible!

    Amber, Bizarro is one of the few comic characters I can relate to. We both MEAN well…

    Dave and Jim,

    You guys have definitely hooked us! Looking forward to seeing what the sheriff is about.

    Thanks again

  4. whyda

    Thanks for making Tuesday’s FUN!!!

  5. Steeven

    That panel with the Sheriff by himself, with the clouds behind him . . . I don’t know why, but I find that just a beautiful shot.

  6. Alan

    Look! It’s Steeven! Hi Steeven!

    It seems I like to stock up and read them several at a time to get that graphic novel effect, and I was struck by the clouds and the blue sky on each page. I love how you can isolate a panel on a page, Dave. Your skies are among the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in any comic.

  7. Filthy McMonkey

    Way to kick ass, like some…super ass-kicking robot, built in a government lab!

    Got my Validus today. There is a beer in your future, sir.

  8. evaD

    I don’t know exactly what “So I don’t care a continental about it.” means but I like it and will working it into conversation. Great job guys!

  9. Brent

    Am completely enthralled with this story. And that is saying a lot for someone who doesn’t do much reading, even when coloring a comic. Best comic on TWC!

    Fer wha’ such nunsense I knows not. Yeehaw! Get me drunk on and go a gunnin’ for a stagecoach! One of my favorite pastimes.

  10. Simon_H

    Ah, moral ambiguity. Where would a good western be without it?

  11. citizenDave

    I’ve done Bizarro sketches a few times now, and he sure is fun to draw! I mean: He am no fun to draw! Or something like that.

    Glad you guys like the clouds, I know it would be easier to just slap some photos of clouds up there, but it feels a bit like cheating.

    Nobody mess with Brent’s cat, she’s an airbender!

    Get your dead rat heads, right here! Only a nickle!

  12. Dadzarro

    Mr. McMonkey: Very poetic words of tribute!

    Dave: Well said! I love Bizarro, when he is handled right. I prefer him to be an imperfect clone of Superman, as opposed to the “Emporer Joker” character, but I always get excited when he pops up. Looking forward to this particularly nice rendition gracing my desk!

  13. Dadzarro

    Cat… Avatar! I get it!!!