Chapter 2 Page 31
January 26th, 2010

Chapter 2 Page 31

Congratulations to the winner of the 9th week of the Comments Contest: Jason P! I’ll be contacting you about claiming your mini sketch.

The contest continues again this week! To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment about one of this week’s new pages. Once your comment is approved, you are entered into the contest to win a free original mini sketch, made custom just for you, of any one character you choose. Full contest details are here.

Here’s a look at the mini sketch created for the 8th week’s contest winner, Nuggie99. He wanted a drawing of Sgt. Rock, check it out:


  1. whyda

    nice to see the mystery deepen.

  2. Filthy McMonkey

    Well, that’s a relief. At least they aren’t robbin’ a bank coach or some shit.

  3. Steeven

    OK, so she’s got to have some kind of powers, right? Right?

  4. zack kruse

    Sniff. Sniiiiifffff. Is that a goddess, I smell? I guess goddess…or pot roast. Definitely one or the other… Goddess or pot roast, it’s VERY sexy.

    I like the dopey-ness of the blond guy, too. Maybe there’s some sort of pheromone she emits? Like, one that sort of brings out people’s inner being. For example: the blond guy is some dopey love sick, puppy around pretty girls. The old man, however, is intimidated by women and is verbally abusive towards them as a result. While surely that is who they are on the inside, maybe she is somehow able to force them into showing their true colors, as it were.

    Then again, maybe I’m reading WAY too much into it and I should just enjoy the story.

  5. Brent

    Nice to see a female character added to the mix. I have a ‘feeling’ of what her powers might be.

  6. James Andrew Clark

    Brent… 🙂

    Hey Dave, you’re putting together a sketchbook of all these sketch cards, am I right? I know I want one!

  7. Nuggie99

    Thanks, that’s a good sketch. And your comic looks good, too.

  8. evaD

    So she’s seriously chained up and there are bars on the windows? And Zack smells goddess or pot roast. hmm. I think when you put all that together with the last page you get the big dude accidentally freeing her and then she kicks somebody’s butt.

  9. citizenDave

    I love the speculations, I feel like one of the producers of Lost!

  10. boots

    it’s nice little historically accurate details like the handcuffs that make this so full of win for me. this is currently my favorite thing on the internet.

  11. Simon_H

    Looking at his nose, the only thing you’re likely to smell in that coach is beersweat.

  12. Amber

    I know I’ve complimented your coloring in general but I just want to point out the great job with the sun light coming through the coach window and hitting their sides. Yeah, she’s pretty stunning; too bad you don’t need a model.

  13. El Dave

    I’m scared of girls.

  14. Amber

    That’s it, El Dave! I’m so twitter stalking you now!

  15. Steve

    She is looking at me! Make her stop!

  16. AlpineBob

    Well, and now we know why they’re after the coach.
    I’ll be interested to see if the sheriff plans to rely on gratitude for her cooperation. Darn, another 5 days till we get more pages!