Chapter 2 Page 41
March 2nd, 2010

Chapter 2 Page 41


  1. Soth

    Countdown to horsepunching in 3… 2…

  2. evaD

    “Hey, you can’t park that animal over there! It’s illegal.” Mongo punch horse. Awesome set up guys.

  3. whyda

    I hope no horses will be harmed in the drawing of the next episode. I would hate for this comic to upset PETA.

  4. D John

    Looking back at the first two pages of the chapter you must know that things don’t end up well for someone.

    Considering the guy can shatter huge boulders with his bare hands it doesn’t bode well for the horse. I’m thinking Elmer’s glue is about to be invented.

    I can’t wait for the next page!

  5. Steeven


    Love it 🙂

  6. El Dave

    > V > Punch!

  7. James Andrew Clark

    A falcon punch would definitely have the animal activists up in arms. I’m not sure Dave and I want those kind of emails.

  8. Brent

    No one seems to care how Wurm is doing. I hope he has enough to eat.

  9. Sean

    This comic is so awesome (understatement of the day).

  10. zack kruse

    What I like most about this page is that bottom row of panels. The way that the gradually get narrower and each shot zooms in a little closer really emphasizes and heightens the tension of the page. It’s like a burning fuse that is getting closer to the stick of dynamite, closer and closer, tighter and tighter, then on the next page…BOOM!

    REALLY well done, the story telling here has been terrific throughout. Can’t wait to see what happens on Tuesday!

  11. Filthy McMonkey

    Just when I think you can’t get any cooler…

    So, is this where we find out the horse has super powers, too?

    And then shoots him with his laser eyes!

  12. Filthy McMonkey

    Dang avatar.

  13. Amber

    The horse should absolutely have superpowers! Well done, Filthy! Do you take ideas from the audience? What? No. Really? That’s too bad…

  14. citizenDave

    Superpowered horses, you people are crazy!

  15. Simon_H

    The only power a horse should have is the power of sarcastic speech.

  16. richsan

    love the horse’s expression in the 2nd to last panel. it has just enough “where’d that big chinaman come from?” and just enough “i will totaly stomp my hoof through your big @$$” in it. great balance dave!!!!