Downloads now available! Avatars, Banners and Wallpapers!

Hey there… We’ve got a new stash of pictures for you to download. Dave has put together a new series of avatars for use on forums or as your Gravatar, some banners to use in your signature, and a set of desktop wallpapers in a variety of screen sizes. Head on over to our Downloads page to check ’em out!

Also, we ask that you please refrain from hotlinking these images. For those of you who don’t know what that means, we’re asking that you not link directly to the images here on the site. Instead, download them to your own computer and host them elsewhere. Thank you kindly.

Anyway… Let us know how you like these!


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  1. Kevin Freeman

    Looking good, Dave! I linked you up over on SubCulture. I know we’re not a huge site, but any little bit helps, right?