Chapter 3 Page 04
May 4th, 2010

Chapter 3 Page 04


  1. evaD

    He didn’t even flinch! And that is a huge mess.

  2. AlpineBob

    Didn’t flinch?! I beg to differ. That is a flinch posture if I’ve ever seen one!
    The longest flinch I’ve ever seen too – what, about a month, right?
    The amazing thing is the flinch actually worked! Though his clothes are a little the worse for wear…

    Hmm, I thought Frank had landed in a tree last page, but it turns out just to be some brush.

  3. JRBooth

    Love the “dust settling” effect in the lower last panel – makes me feel like I have to spit the grit from my teeth.

  4. Onepot

    These panels really gave the feel of zooming in on a moving scene fantastically. Well done sir.

  5. El Dave

    Those poor horses…

  6. Dean

    That guy is hardcore!

  7. Jason ood

    Awesome stuff Dave. This guy is, quite literally, a tank. I shudder to think what the poor horse looks like right about now.

  8. zack kruse

    Two riders were approaching…the wind began to howl

  9. citizenDave

    Thanks, guys! Yeah, poor, poor horses. They always get it bad in Westerns.

  10. Andrew

    Not in 60s westerns, they fell over when the rider was “shot” then got back up and ran off.

  11. citizenDave

    They got tripped with wires. That doesn’t sound like much fun, either.

  12. James Andrew Clark

    Good thing for us PETA hasn’t taken notice. We’re apt to kill some more critters before too long.

  13. Damian Smith

    My God!

    now we have to wait a week to see the fall out???

    Great work so far guys.

  14. Brent

    Dang, broke a nail. No wait, that’s not mine.

  15. Rickety_Rico

    On the next episode of Human Wrecking Ball… lol

    I would bet Frank and crew offer him a job.

  16. Filthy McMonkey

    I wanna see the big feller yell, “It’s clobberin’ time!”

  17. ctgt

    Just can’t get enough!

  18. James Andrew Clark

    That’s what she said!

  19. richsan

    i think i’ve got splinters from the broken wagon wheel!

  20. dendi

    love the comic.. can’t wait for the next one..

  21. Jim B.

    Well you can see part of the horse in the last pic. Poor thing.

  22. George of Legend

    Just been introduced to your site and comic. I love it. I have already read it through twice!

  23. Cassia

    Came by here after looking at the Eisner Nominees for this year and I have to say this is an amazing comic. You guys are doing excellent work here, I’ll definitely be a regular reader.

  24. PeterWatson

    What a beast. I think I have found my favorite character. Not only is he such a nice guy, he is indestructible. Great art on this one.
    Also, Mr. Fastcoolguy is so fast and cool right now.