Chapter 3 Page 08
June 1st, 2010

Chapter 3 Page 08

Howdy everybody, I hope your enjoying the story! I have an apology to make because there will not be a new page next week. I’m really swamped right now with work up to my eyeballs. And with Heroes Con coming up this weekend, there’s just no way I’m going to be able to get the next page done before next Tuesday. Thanks so much for reading along with us. I really appreciate all the comments and support. I’m truly sorry about this. I wish I could guarantee that it won’t happen again. All I can say is that I will do my darnedest and I hope you keep reading along. – Dave

P.S. If you happen to be attending Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC this weekend, look me up! I’ll be hustling over at Artist Alley table #335.


  1. AlpineBob

    Looks like Pearl may be worth more than this whole gang of foul-ups.
    I don’t think our big chinaman quite understands that he’s fallen in with a band of murderous cut-throats. Or maybe he’s just smart enough to ignore it…

  2. Jim B.

    Mind-reader, crack-shot, one hell of a woman. She’s got the whole package. Also, a great set of pics here. The story gets better and better.

  3. richsan

    Dave, i love the circular inset panel. it really allows the reader to follow that Pearl is seeing something off panel-nicely done!
    also like how Pearl’s so non-chalant after blowing the guy’s brain out.
    kinda speaks volumes about her character.

  4. Rickety_Rico

    I know I’m a pretty good shot at the range but that was just freakin incredible, and the fact that she didn’t even think twice about it. My kind of lady.

  5. Amber

    Holeee Crap! Look at Pearl go! So glad to see y’all giving that bit of kick assery to the gal as a sharpshooter rather than quick & accurate Frank all the time.

  6. Brent

    The kid who needs help is a wonder twin and when the group assembles they make the first Justice League. Am I right?

  7. Amber

    @Rickety_Rico – the funny thing is Dave didn’t know me back in my days of target shooting when I could afford luxuries like bullets; otherwise, I’d love to say Pearl is based on me but alas, he has not seen me in action.

  8. Elle

    I love the pacing almost as much as I love your characters.

  9. evaD

    She must have a really good sense of smell.

  10. citizenDave

    evaD nails it, it’s her super olfactory sense.

    Maybe not.

  11. PeterWatson

    Poor Big Dude. SOMEONE HELP HIM.

    Pearl is a beast, really, who is stoppin her? The art on her shooting that other guy was great. He got effed up.

  12. Damian Smith

    Damn I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of her…

    Now when do we get to see who’s the best shot not just the fastest!

    Good to see they have realised that they someone went through the coach as well!

  13. Acommonjoe

    Wow, heard good things about this series from the 11 oclockers. Had to check it out. It keeps getting better and better. I cant wait to find out more about all the characters man. You got a EPIC WIN with this!!! Keep them coming.

  14. Rickety_Rico

    @Amber I was wondering if she was based on you or not. I can see some parallels. You two ever make it down this side of Florida and we will go out to the range. I’ll buy the ammo I figure about 200 rounds for the three of us will do for starters.

  15. Smilsdo

    Impressive. Pearl is quite the crackshot!! Nice contained splatter pattern. Pacing, characterization and storytelling make this the go to comic every week. Oh yeah, the art is kinda AWESOME, too.

  16. zack kruse

    Wow. Did not see that coming. That was awesome!

    I totally expected that guy to cause them trouble down the line. Great page!

  17. Saxman

    whoa, didn’t see that happening so fast. nice

  18. Joe

    Great pacing. I can’t wait to see how these stories intertwine. I’m definitely on the Guns wagon (just not the one Pearl was riding in).

  19. hviera

    Nice palette. The colors are perfect for the tone. I just discovered this comic and I look forward to seeing where the story heads.

  20. jonnythehomicidaldrummer

    awesome page as always

    i gave Mr Wachter some praise in my review of summit city con

  21. Dan

    This story is great, just found it yesterday, and read the whole thing. hope you get back to it soon…