Chapter 3 Page 10
June 22nd, 2010

Chapter 3 Page 10


  1. evaD

    That looks painful. And unpleasant.

  2. Jonnythehomicidaldrummer

    More mustaches please

    Woo-hoo second comment..take that Kruse!

  3. El Dave

    Loving the tones here!

  4. Joe

    Uh-oh. I don’t know if they want to peak inside that wagon.

  5. Amber

    Does the kid have regen powers or was he was immune to fire specifically? Poor little bugger looks like he’s got some bad internal issues.

  6. carlos

    Loving the monochromatic tone the comic takes when those villains appear.

  7. Onepot

    That is some effed up shite

  8. Brent

    Now that’s a freakout!

  9. Dean

    He only wants the Preciousss….

  10. VMAAXT

    Is the guy in the lower left hand panel standing next to an enormous wagon, or is he just very short?

  11. Damian Smith

    I don’t know if I want to see what went on in that Wagon!

  12. citizenDave

    The little guy certainly has had a hard time of it recently.

    VMAAXT: It’s a large wagon, as seen in chapter 2, pages 16-18.

  13. Rickety_Rico

    I was wondering when these guys would pop back into the picture. Pretty intense. I’m curious to see more of the story with the kid and Colonel Bale.

  14. zack kruse

    Feisty little fella. And, “It?” Is that just cruelty? Or is he really not human? …I love it when you guys make me wildly speculate and get fanciful ideas from tiny bits of dialog

  15. Bob D.

    It´s the huge stoooooooooooooooooooone!!!

  16. Jim B.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if a devil popped out of him.

  17. Amber

    Hey, fellow readers & fans of GoSV:
    Not that it’s my business to announce, but Dave has had a family emergency back in Cincinnati so any contest winners & mailing of commissions will have to wait a while. He’ll have some internet access I think but don’t count on it. I believe Tuesday’s page is already to go; next week may have a delay.

  18. Rickety_Rico

    Thank you for the update Amber. Thoughts, prayers and safe travels for Dave.

  19. Dean

    Wow! My sympathies and strength to Dave at this critical time. I hope for the best for him. Love you too, Amber!

  20. PeterWatson

    That kid must be hurtin to scream like that. Great art, from that I can actually feel his pain.