Chapter 4 Page 02
October 12th, 2010

Chapter 4 Page 02


  1. whyda

    Still trying to figure out if this character is talking to his horse, himself or someone off panel. I know that I can’t wait to see what he stirs up when he catches up.

  2. JusticeJunkies

    Yeah, I thought the horse was talking in that last panel. I’m pretty sure he’s talking to himself though.

  3. ArtieTech

    Hes probably taking to himself… Looks like hes going after the kid..

  4. Shu-Koon Deda

    Definitely to himself. If he was talking to the horse he would say “Two to one we get there first.”

  5. OhHaiMe

    I’m gonna say telepathic communication or split personality.

  6. Dean Stahl

    He wears a mighty fine hat!

  7. Bill

    At fist I though he was talking to his horse but now I’m going with him having a split personality.

  8. zack kruse

    Perhaps he’s talking to spirits…or what he perceives as spirits

  9. Aethelfled

    My bet is that he’s talking to the crow you can see perched on the wreakage – which may or may not be the creepy one-eyed crow we’ve been seeing elsewhere.

  10. jonny the homicidal drummer

    clearly he’s talking to his sweet top hat

  11. Jack Munroe

    @ Dean: I wonder if he always makes it quick and clean. I’m guessing not, if he’s plotting with his invisible friend

  12. AlpineBob

    Like Dean & Jonny, I admire that hat! I’ve always wanted a cool top hat…

    And I think this fine fellow is talking to us. The 4th wall may be a bit blurred, but he seems to think the odds are good the writer won’t show his destination until he gets there…

  13. Steve Chaput

    Noticed your banner ad over on the TKT site. Just began reading yesterday and am really enjoying the tale so far. Great art, interesting characters and a plot I can’t figure out at all. Well done!

  14. Bill

    Aethelfled, that’s really a good theory! I’m suprised I didn’t notice that before.

  15. Brent

    Why, he’s talking to Harvey, there he is, that silly pooka. I like the detail on the whiskers.

  16. nevermore

    He is talking to the crow.

  17. Acksiom

    In the first panel, are the lines on the ground supposed to be part of a spiral?

  18. Steve Chaput

    My guess is that it is where the wagon was pulled up.

  19. davelevine

    And what’s that stack thing behind and to the left of him. Looks like it could be a tree or a free-standing chimney. It does look like there’s the ruined remains of a house behind him so I’m thinking its a chimney.

  20. citizenDave

    This setting has been seen previously, under different light.

  21. Steve Chaput

    I think davelevine might want to go back to some earlier pages. This scene might make a bit more sense.

  22. Brian Jones

    Picked up the con preview edition yesterday at the Pittsburgh Indy con. Read that and then read the web comic in one sitting. Great stuff I’m hooked!

  23. zack kruse

    @Aethelfled: VERY CLEVER. I hadn’t caught that before, but it makes perfect sense!

  24. Acksiom

    Thankee, Steve.