Chapter 4 Page 03
October 19th, 2010

Chapter 4 Page 03

Tomorrow is Dave’s birthday! Let’s all sing…

“Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Dave,
happy birthday to yoooouuuu!”



  1. pale corbie

    Happy pre-birthday to Dave! Scorpion looks positively patapaiurehe in this one, though I suppose if he were he’d be suffering far worse effects from the sun like an albino…highly intrigued to get a first good look at him.

  2. Acksiom

    Happy Birthday, Dave!

    I like how the rocks in the lower right corner are proportionate enough to look like Scorpion’s upturned, clenched left fist. Also, nice weskit.

    What’s in those bandoliers? It looks like little ring-handled triangular throwing knives. . . .

  3. Jim B.

    First Happy Birthday. Second, that landscape in the first panel is awesome. Great job.

  4. JusticeJunkies

    Happy day of your mother’s labor. Are those shrunken in Scorpion’s bandolier?

  5. richsan

    love the way you use the silhouetted rocks in panel 1 to make the viewer feel like they just crested a hill and are now descending into the valley. incredible depth in that panoramic shot. and…happy birthday!!

  6. Mike Cuccaro

    Exciting! Albinos with little tiny finger knives! Happy Birthday, Dave! The printed book is so slick. Love it!

  7. zack kruse

    [high-pitched-voice] CCREEEPY! [/high-pitched-voice]

    Happy birthday, Dave! I love ya, buddy!

  8. Just Bill

    Happy Birthday, Dave!

  9. Scott King

    With ever new page I get more blown and blown away by the coloring.

  10. Rickety_Rico

    Looks like someone is coming into town to collect on a debt.

    Also Happy Birthday!

  11. Steve Chaput

    Happy Birthday, Dave! Don’t think things are going to go well for anybody in town.

  12. Dean Stahl

    Wow, great panoramic scenery. Happy birthday, Dave! You’re awesome!

  13. Damian Smith

    As it’s now tomorrow here Happy Birthday Dave!

    Why does that page have me thinking that Death has came to town!

  14. James Andrew Clark

    And Hell followed with him.

  15. Brian Jones

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  16. evaD

    Happy Birthday, Dave! I hope it’s a great one.

  17. Aethelfled

    Happy Birthday Dave! I’m gonna echo the sentiments of many others when I say that the landscape is fantastic. I look forward to seeing how this will fall out. 🙂

  18. benisjamino

    Very cool! This is my first time to the site and I have to say it’s great!

  19. citizenDave

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys!

  20. travisjcox

    Apparently a happy birthday is in order, Oh and the new page looks great!

  21. Brent

    2 gunmen and an albino Vulcan walk into a tavern…
    Happy birthday Dave!

  22. AlpineBob

    Happy Day!
    Love that establishing shot. And it’s interesting that once we can see their faces, even the horses look sinister. More sinister than Scorpion, actually, who seems to be quite cheerful. Oh course, Death grins!

  23. Bill

    Happy Birthday Dave! Hope you have a great one. This next part is going to be so awesome, I can’t wait!

  24. Elle

    Happy birthday Dave!

  25. Legionnaire

    Got a tip about this comic today and read it all in one go. I think this is one hell of an engaging story, leaving you wanting more, coupled with art that’s simply “right” for the story (those nice colours and old west feel). I’ve always loved westerns and this is nothing short of a fine fine example of “weird west” in my opinion. Thank you guys for making Guns of Shadow Valley!

  26. TheTechnical

    Mr Scorpion sure looks like a Pale Rider. But, can he handle the crows? On their home turf?

    Mr top hat Indian is following Mr Suaron’s Arm, and listening to crows. Mrs Crow Crone keeps showing up around the edges of the sherif.

    The coyotes have not quite made their move yet. And I’m undecided whether Mr Fake Burning Bush, the crows, and the coyotes are all Powers or aliens. I hope Mr Sauron’s Arm can finaly be his own man someday, because ocasionaly he seems good.

    Is the salamander’s name Timothy?

    Hope I can win the last sketch.