Chapter 4 Page 04
October 26th, 2010

Chapter 4 Page 04

Last week it was Dave’s birthday. Well, today it’s mine!

“Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeee…”

But you get the gift… of a brand new page!



  1. evaD

    Happy Birthday, Jim!

  2. whyda

    Belated Birthday wishes to Dave and Happy Birthday to you Jim.

    Anyone with pointy ears and can be that scary with just an arrow head is in my book, a bad ass.

  3. Bill

    Happy Birthday Jim.

    Great way to start off this new chapter, sh*t just got real!

  4. Aethelfled

    Happy Birthday Jim!

    whyda, that’s not an arrow head, that’s one of those little throwing knives that you can see in the bandoliers on the previous page. However, it’s still bad ass.

  5. Mike Cuccaro

    Interesting! I wonder what nation Scorpion Shaw is from. Is that a Scottish surname?
    Happy Birthday to Jim!
    Also, there is an “I” missing in the shopkeeper’s first dialogue.

  6. Keith Knudsen (Manticore)

    Man, what an exciting page with a sinister character!
    Happy birthday, Jim !

  7. Elle

    Well that’s certainly an agressive opening for haggling price.

    And Happy birthday Jim!

  8. Rickety_Rico

    Happy Birthday Jim.

    I’m getting a Pinkerton vibe from Scorpion but I may be way off.

  9. James Andrew Clark

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!

    @Mike Cuccaro: Thanks for pointing out the typo. It’s fixed. That’s the beauty of webcomics!

  10. travisjcox

    Happy Birthday, love the page layout on this one

  11. Amber

    Happy birthday, Jim!

  12. Legionnaire

    Happy Birthday! Been waiting for Scorpion Shaw to make a more “proper” appearance :).

  13. Jim B.

    Happy Birthday Jim from Jim. lol

    Yet another great episode.

  14. Hollando

    Isn’t it a piece of glass from the counter-top he just broke?

  15. pale corbie

    Happy post-birthday!

    I reckon Scorpion’s supposed to be Hollywood English with his proper grammar and disdain, but he looked so pata on the last page I’m going to have trouble not hearing him with a Kiwi accent…

  16. zack kruse

    Happy birthday, Jim!

    Scorpion is a cruel bastard. Can’t wait to see more of him!

  17. Michael Robertson

    This is beautiful art. Thank you for giving this away for free – my ipad has found its true purpose.

  18. AlpineBob

    I think Scorpion has come to the wrong place if he doesn’t like guns – Heck, they’re in the title!

  19. Mario Muscar

    I love this comic.

    “You Americans and your guns” sounds like a quote from a movie but I cannot remember….