Chapter 4 Page 06
December 7th, 2010

Chapter 4 Page 06

…Aaaaand we’re back!

Sorry for the delay, but as Dave said last time he’s been busy juggling multiple projects at once. We’re down to a once-a-month schedule for now, but hopefully we should get back to normal soon. We both care very much about this webcomic and intend to keep it going, so please hang in there with us. There are so many cool places we’re going with this, it will all be worth it. Honest.

In the meantime, if you’re itching for some more of the old Clark & Wachter magic, head on over to and catch up on Scar Tissue. It was our first book together and we’ve recently re-launched it as a webcomic, with updates two times per week!

In other news… did you know I make music? It’s true, I sing and play ukulele. And I just released a new album of kid-friendly rock just in time for Christmas! Give it a listen, you just might like it. The CD even has artwork by Chris Fason, the artist from Hero Happy Hour (another webcomic you should be reading)! (And did you know that our own Dave Wachter did the cover art for my first album?)

Dave has some cool swag for sale, too! Head over to his online store to order his sketchbook, “The Guns of Shadow Valley” official t-shirts, and limited edition prints!

All these neat things just in time for Christmas! How about that?

Okay, that’s enough shameless self-promotion. Have a great holiday season and happy new year! See you in January.



  1. Scott King

    I like the layout of the first two panels. The fact that you started with the close-up and zoomed out. The reverse of that is really common but you rarely see it this way and have it still work.

  2. Amber

    There’s that crow again. Funny thing is I was recently posting about getting another tattoo and someone from facebook sent me msg suggesting a Wachter image. Last year I had been saying one of Dave’s crows would make a great design and apparently other people have the same idea.

  3. zack kruse

    Woo-hoo a new page!

    Maaaaan. Scorpion creeps the hell outta me.

  4. OhHaiMe

    “Sorry that was me..We had Chili for lunch..”
    I can’t be the only one thinking it can I?

  5. Damian Smith

    I’m wondering what the crow is here… is it a watcher sitting there knowing everything that’s going on or will it be a scout fro a 3rd party we haven’t seen yet…

    Glad for the new page!

  6. ArtieTech

    Glad to see you back! I believe the crow to be a spy for the witch from the previous page…
    Dave, still waiting to hear what the secret project is!

  7. Dan

    Nice work again guys! Happy Christmas to you all.

  8. James Andrew Clark

    The clues about the crow appear several times throughout the story.

  9. evaD

    Nice page! Well worth the wait.

  10. Aethelfled

    Creepy one-eyed crow shows up again…

    I love the use of color and perspective in this comic. I’ve seen a lot of angles that most artists don’t attempt very often, and gives the whole thing a very unique feel.

  11. Legionnaire

    Thank you for producing yet another awesome page. It seems to me like Scorpion might have some magical knowledge as well.

  12. Steve Chaput

    If you look at the last panel of the previous page you see that it leads perfectly into the first panel of this page. The implication seems clear, but I can’t wait to see what we learn later on in the story.

  13. JollyReprobate

    I get kind of lost reading this peicemeal the way I am, but I get the feeling that there are two “forces” at work in the valley, one represented by the crows and the other by the wolves, and at least three groups from outside the valley: The Scorpion, the soldier who gets his orders from the talking green flame, and the sheriff and his crew, none of which we’ve seen in a while.

    Complex story and definitely in need of a re-read from the beginning.

  14. Steve Chaput

    I’m really enjoying the story, but have had to go back a few pages now & then to get straight on who is who. Obviously, this will really read well once completed and available to read in a single seating.