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We did it! And there’s more to come…

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 by James Andrew Clark

As of now, The Guns of Shadow Valley Kickstarter is fully funded! We raised $24,000 in 3 days, which is pretty amazing. We’re stunned at how fast that happened, and incredibly grateful to everyone who pledged, and everyone who helped us spread the word. Thank you!

What this means for us is that The Guns of Shadow Valley will rise again. We’ll get to finish what we started here, and you all get to see the webcomic come back. More on that later.

But it’s not over yet! We still have 27 days to go, so there’s plenty of opportunity to pre-order the book and get some of the other exclusives we have available.

To help us keep climbing, we’ve announced the first set of Stretch Goals for the Kickstarter campaign. Starting with some fun stuff: when we reach $28,000: a sticker, 30,000: a bookmark, and 35,000: a new art print, all custom designed.

First up are the stickers. There are 6 Wanted poster designs, each for a different character. One random sticker will be included with every book order over $30. The sticker design looks like this:


So head on over to the Kickstarter campaign to get yours, and please help us spread the word. We’d be much obliged!