Pre-order your copy of The Guns of Shadow Valley hardcover!

Check out the April edition of the Previews catalog. Why? Because right there in the Dark Horse section is The Guns of Shadow Valley – oversized – hardcover – collected edition!

Be sure to pre-order a copy (Order Code APR140017) and tell your friends to order their copies too! The book hits stores in August, but Pre-orders are very important, especially to a creator-owned book like ours. So be sure to tell your retailer that you want a copy.


(click the image for a larger version)

To make things even easier, you can print out this handy dandy order sheet, fill it out, and hand it straight to your retailer so they’ll be sure to order a copy of the book for you:


(click the image for a larger version)

A note to our Kickstarter backers: This does not affect the release of the Kickstarter edition at all. This is a separate edition of the book. You’ll still receive your limited Kickstarter edition of the hardcover in July, along with all the extras.