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Chicago Comic Con 09 report pt 3

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009 by Dave Wachter

Saturday night dinner: Andy recommended Maria’s, a nice Mexican place just up the street. It was a great restaurant, elegant without being pretentious. The food was terrific in that slightly higher end Mexican style, but with really decent prices. The low lights and wondering musician with light finger picking on his acoustic guitar made for a relaxing atmosphere with a touch of class. We had a big group, a dozen of us that evening. The lively conversation was at times humorous and enlightening. Back to the Hyatt once again where I just have to give thanks to Zack and Ben for bringing your backpack to the Hyatt! (more…)

Pics from Pittsburgh and Windy City Comicons

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 by Dave Wachter

Sorry, no extensive con reports this time. I’ll just briefly state that I had a fantastic time at both these shows. The Guns preview book sold out once again at the Pittsburgh show. I got to see old friends and make some amazing new ones. I may never do two shows on consecutive weekends again, but this time around, no matter how exhausting, it was worth it. I did manage to get off a few snapshots in between sketches. Here’s a few to whet your whistle. The rest you can find on my flickr account.