Welcome to the Guns of Shadow Valley Art Gallery.

This page is dedicated to artwork inspired by The Guns of Shadow Valley. Professionals, amateurs, legends, are here all together in one place.

Thank you to all the contributors for devoting their time and talent. Be sure to check out the biographies and website links under each piece.

The Gallery is designed to be ever growing and expanding. Hopefully, the work you’ve seen here will inspire you to create a piece of your own. We want your art for this gallery. Any art form and medium is accepted (as long as it’s all ages friendly, of course). So sketch a drawing, sing a song, shoot a video, dance a jig, whatever it is, just get it into a form we can put on a web page and up it will go!

Once you’ve created your masterpiece, email it to me at: [email protected]


(The gallery is currently offline while we work to fix it. Stay tuned.)

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  1. James Andrew Clark

    These are cool! My favorites are the Cooper, Sinnott and Hardman. But they’re all great!