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Wizard World Chicago 2008 (part the fifth)

Saturday, July 5th, 2008 by Dave Wachter

Jeremy Adolphson has an amazing sketch collection of 4×6 cards that he has commissioned from a wide variety of artists . He emailed me before the show about getting a card done. It’s an honor to be part of this amazing collection of art. You can see his collection and learn more about it at: http://4×

I did a sketch of Frank from Guns of Shadow Valley:

As is my habit, each night I tried to stay awake as long as humanly possible. I just get so excited it gets really hard to say goodnight and go to bed. This was especially true of Thursday night. Most everyone had called it a night, Len Kody, Eric J, and myself were trying to keep the party going until nearly 3am. Talking about all kinds of stuff while going from place to place in the hotel. Finally, even those two had to turn in, and I was left alone with a lot of energy left over. WHile walking up the stairs, I notice the sign that says “roof access”. I thought that would be cool, to hang out alone up there and just chill until with my thoughts until I was ready for bed. After climbing 6 flights of stairs(I figured it would help wear me out), I get to the golden gate leading to the top of the Hyatt. But, it was locked. Oh well. I walked around the empty hotel for a while, just me and the night staff which consisted of one front desk person, a guy cleaning windows and another on the vacuum cleaner. It was eerie and relaxing at the same time. FInally, at about a quarter to four, I decided to go back to my room, attempt to not wake up my roommates with my entry, and crashed. Not a very interesting tale, but what the hell. It’s mostly just an excuse to post more pictures!

Scott Cederland, of Wednesday’s Haul podcast, is a Hero:

Mike “The Pamp” Pampinella, Joe “snake-eyez” Wilhelm:

NickT shows us the way back to England:

Kevin Freeman of Ape Entertainment:

Granny Goodness: