Comments Contest weeks 38-39

Congratulations to the winner of the 38th week of the Comments Contest: thedanofsteel! And also to the winner of the 39th week, Acksiom! That’s right, two weeks worth of winners for the price of one, I’m almost caught up. I’ll be contacting you two about claiming your mini sketches.

I’m sorry to say that the comments contest is coming to a close. At least for now. As you can tell, I’ve been having trouble keeping up. I just don’t have the extra time that it takes to manage the contest and create the artwork. I will be continuing to choose winners for the pages currently posted, through Chapter 4 page 3. I hope that, despite the end of the contest, everybody continues to comment on the pages. We read every comment and really do appreciate all the feedback you guys give us.

Here are sketches for our weeks 36 and 37 winners, Scott King and OhHaiMe. Scott wanted a sketch of a character from Holiday Wars, I chose Bunny. OhHaiMe wanted a picture of the Lone Ranger. Check them out:


  1. Just Bill

    That’s one creepy Bunny.

  2. OhHaiMe

    That bunny is look at the Lone Ranger with bad intentions..
    Quickly Silver AWAYYYYY!