Chapter 7: Fools of Time and Terror
April 10th, 2014

Chapter 7: Fools of Time and Terror


  1. J0HN62

    Looking forward to this. Excellent work guys. My only disappointment is it seems you lost all the commenters from before. Hopefully they’ll catch up for Chapter 7.

  2. DaveWachter

    Thanks, John!
    Yeah, I miss the commenters, too.

  3. glog

    Yeah, sometimes I think I am the only one reading this without anyone else commenting.

  4. Greg Milward

    I read this every week. Its the best webcomic out there!

  5. lostlittlebear

    Same here

  6. palecorbie

    I’ve introduced my Deadlands group to this webcomic, so there are a handful of readers out there for sure.

  7. DaveWachter

    Cool, thanks!