Epilogue Page 01
August 28th, 2014

Epilogue Page 01


  1. palecorbie

    No-one cares about that woman with the weird lips…

  2. Bill

    Who are you referring to?

  3. Art

    What to the link on the home page to the newest comic page?

  4. Jim Clark

    There are only 2 pages left in the story, so we replaced it with the chapter headings instead. The entire epilogue is 3 pages long, you can use this link to get at the newest of those pages:

  5. palecorbie

    Pearl, of course! We left her heroically guarding Shousan in the face of terrible odds (and cannon) before the Big Green Boom, but though Jail Lad is specifically concerned about the Chinaman, Pearl’s presumably one of ‘the others’…it just stood out to me since the rest of the main cast were mentioned by name, like she was the kid no-one picks for sports.

    Also, Elk’s lips aren’t weird. I think Pearl’s are drawn slightly differently to everyone else’s, more definition/higher line contrast or something; they are distractingly strange sometimes.

    Loved the past few Crow scenes, by the way. I am biased, it’s true, but I think he’d be my favourite character anyway since he’s that perfect shaman mix of sharp and soft.