Chapter 1 Page 22
September 24th, 2009

Chapter 1 Page 22

End of part 1.

And so concludes the first chapter of The Guns of Shadow Valley. Thanks for taking this trip with us, and we sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.

We’re going to take a bit of time off before starting the next part, so there won’t be any comics next week. But we’ll be back in October with the next chapter! So subscribe to the RSS feed, bookmark the site, and be sure to join us again in 2 weeks for more of Guns!

– Jim


  1. Jeff

    Nice work – this webcomic is sick and I seriously cannot wait till Chapter 2. Keep it coming!

  2. citizenDave

    Thanks, Jeff! We have to take a little break, but we’ll be back in less than 2 weeks with Chapter 2. Stay tuned!

  3. Bill Hanna

    Someone needs to get their head out of their ass and print this however you want it. Yowza.

  4. Steeven Orr

    Thank you for this webcomic! I just read through all of chapter one after seeing your add on The Comic Forums.

    You guys got me all kinds of hooked!

  5. James Andrew Clark

    You’re welcome! And if you liked this chapter, you’re really going to like the next part. 🙂

  6. Dave Mintun

    Thank you so very much I can’t wait for more. Please tell me that this wonderfull comic is in bookstores and comic shops soon.

  7. James Andrew Clark

    Maybe someday, if the wind turns our way. After we get Book One completed, we’ll likely bind ‘er up as a trade paperback and seek a publisher. ‘Til then you’ll just have to enjoy it as a webcomic.

    If you like the show we’re puttin’ on here, please spread the word. The more readers we get and the larger the audience we establish, the more likely a collected edition would get picked up by a publisher. That way everyone wins. (But mostly us.)

  8. AlpineBob

    First a Wurm, and now a Salamander. Intriguing…

  9. carlos

    cool, charlie brown! 🙂
    Man, I really like the webcomic. Best of luck to getting it published, and I’ll keep reading.

  10. Naveen Malli

    Wow, what an ending for this chapter. Talk about a hook!