Chapter 2 Page 20
December 10th, 2009

Chapter 2 Page 20


  1. evaD

    Colonel Bale es muy mysterioso. And perhaps a little crazy? Dave, I love the transition from the grass to the smaller panels. Beautifully done.

  2. Simon_H

    I’m loving the landscape orientation of the page. Perfect for my monitor. You know, a double page spread would be super epic.

  3. pdaaat

    The landscape took me back to “Dances with Wolves” – very nice.

  4. Amber Love

    This is a spectacular page. I want to know that Army is up to but as the details of the weird little boy are revealed I don’t know who the good guys are anymore.

  5. zack kruse

    Niiiiicceee. I really dig this new angle with the religious nut. Having that sort of wild card (I guess that’s the right term) makes for some really interesting story potential.

    Also, Dave, I’ve complimented this before, but you’re really doing a bang up job on the coloring. This is a gorgeous page. The colors not only make the page pop like you want it to but, to my eye, it makes the landscape in the background feel really vast–it’s both intimidating and lonesome in its feel. Good work!

  6. Filthy McMonkey

    Dang! Jules Winnfield’s got nothin’ on this hombre!

  7. Filthy McMonkey

    Man, I can’t get the hang o’ this Avatar thing…grumble, grumble…

  8. citizenDave

    evaD:My hope is that the Colonel be an interesting, if unlikeable character.

    Simon_H: Double page spreads are hard to pull off effectively on the computer, but is an option for the printed version.

    pdaaat: Dances is a beautifully shot movie, so thank you very much for the comparison.

    Amber Love: Who is good? Who is bad? All will be revealed in time. Or will it?

    zack: Thanks! I work a long time, too long, on the colors. The setting should be it’s own character.

    Filthy: Yeah, Bale is a bible quoting badass, that’s for sure. And the new avatar is working on my end, at least for your 2nd comment. So you can stick those grumbles back in your pocket!

  9. James Andrew Clark

    Simon, we did a double-page spread back in Chapter 1 (the second page, actually). It looked great in the limited edition printed book we made, but here on the site it’s a bit tricky to display, just as Dave said.

    I’m hoping I can talk Dave into redrawing a few of these pages as double spreads when we make the next book. It may require significant bribes.

  10. Steeven

    Each new page just pulls me in deeper and deeper. I have to agree with the Dances With Wolves comment. The landscape portrays a sense of the epicness (if that’s even a real world) that this book is chalking up to be. Lotta stuff going on . . . I love it.