Chapter 2 Page 22
December 17th, 2009

Chapter 2 Page 22


  1. Pat

    Wow, he walked away from a Sifu!? This is turning out great, way to leave us hanging!

  2. evaD

    Not your typical western showdown. Can’t wait to see how this turns out. Keep it up guys!

  3. Steeven

    Oh snap! I mean, snap, crackle, and POP! Great stuff.


    something tells me the little guy can back up what he said in the last panel.
    can’t wait to see what happens next!

  5. zack kruse

    Oooooh. Somebody’s in ttrrrrooouuubbbllleeee.

  6. Amber Love

    Do not fuck with Shoushan! That dude is huge! What’s with the little chinese yoda? Does he really think that he get revenge?

  7. El Dave

    That little dude is cruising for an ass whooping.

  8. citizenDave

    Do not underestimate Feng! At least, that’s what he would say.

  9. Simon_H

    Draw More, Draw Faster!!!!

  10. The Dooge

    I haven’t read Guns before… but I am sure as hell gonna start now! My god sir! You should be famous!(and I’m not just saying that to get the free sketch either!)

  11. Filthy McMonkey

    It’s on like Megatron, man. Them little guys will get you with the mind juju, gotta watch it!