Chapter 2 Page 23
December 22nd, 2009

Chapter 2 Page 23

Congratulations to the winner of the 5th week of the Comments Contest: Richsan! I’ll be contacting you about claiming your prize of a fabulous custom, hand-drawn mini sketch!

The contest continues again this week! To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment about one of this week’s new pages. Once your comment is approved, you are entered into the contest to win a free original mini sketch, made custom just for you, of any one character you choose. Full contest details are here.

Here’s a look at the mini sketch created for the 4th week’s contest winner, Zack Kruse. He wanted a drawing of the Gorilla-Man, and here it is!


  1. El Dave

    Ok, I’m scared of Feng now.

  2. Steeven



    I think that about sums it up.

  3. Filthy McMonkey

    Well, that’s what that guy gets for talkin’ trash to Feng. Also, I imagine the dead dude’s voice as sounding like Pat Buttram’s. That makes it way funnier.

  4. zack kruse

    Whoa. That was awesome.

    Also, that Gorilla Man is a beaut! Thanks, Dave!

  5. citizenDave

    Told ya not to misunderestimate Feng. Didn’t I tells ya?

    The voices in my head all sound like Pat Buttram crossed with Christopher Walken.

    Zack: Glad you like the Gorilla-Man. I loves me some Agents of Atlas. The sketch is on it’s way.

  6. evaD

    You gotta wonder about the consequences of Feng’s actions. That’s gotta come back to nip him in the seat of his pants.

  7. Pat

    wow, mental note – old guys with canes = dangerous

    i could totally see the bowler hat guy with a voice like Christopher Walken
    and the sherrif with a voice like Tom Skerrit
    and maybe the lead with a voice, gotta say, like Clint Eastwood… he’s an older guy with an attitude that seems to convey he doesn’t like or enjoy his gifts… perfect older Clint Eastwood