Chapter 2 Page 26
January 7th, 2010

Chapter 2 Page 26


  1. Steve

    Beautiful page composition Dave!

  2. Dadzarro

    Outstanding in his field…

    Nice! But now we have to wait five days!!!

  3. Dadzarro

    It is truly a nice composition; I like the way the bird balances out the figure in the wide view.

  4. Miln

    That, is one awesome picture! The tree in the distance looks so inviting. It gives the whole picture a sense of peace. Funny how one little detail like that can change the observer’s perspective.

    Anyways, thanks for doing this comic. It is one of the best looking around. The story is only just beginning, but it is certainly engaging and keeps me wanting for more details.


    yet another great pg. reminds me of the epic images in john ford’s westerns.
    keep ’em comin.

  6. citizenDave

    This is a favorite scene of mine. Glad you guys like it so far.

    Steve, Dadzarro, and Miln: Welcome to the show!

    And good eye there, Miln!

  7. steph

    Great work m’man. You just keep getting better and better.

  8. Simon_H

    Love the shot of the Sun with the broad, coarse brushstrokes. Very Sergio Leone.

  9. Pat

    Wow, what a beautiful page! I love how the broad brushstrokes actually envoke the heat they’re experiencing.

    Also gotta love that modified Sharps!

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