Chapter 2 Page 44
March 11th, 2010

Chapter 2 Page 44

This concludes chapter 2 of The Guns of Shadow Valley. We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far.

We’re going to take a short hiatus before the next bit, mostly so that Dave has time to recuperate from the hellish production schedule. The man works damn hard on this here comic and needs some rest. We will be back in 3 weeks with the start of Chapter 3.

The schedule will change a bit when we return; most notably, we’ll be going to 1 page per week. New pages will go up every Tuesday, with some sort of blog update on Thursdays.

The good news is that the comments contest will continue when the comic does, so there’s still plenty of opportunity to get an original sketch card from Dave. He’ll be updating during the break, catching up on announcing winners and posting sketches. I’m guessing those cards will only go up in value once he becomes all famous working for Marvel or one of them other highfalutin’ publishers.

Also, keep an eye out for some free stuff, like desktop backgrounds, avatars, banners and the like. Subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up with it all.

So thanks for hanging with us, and we’ll see you again on April 6. Vaya con carne!

– Jim


  1. evaD

    In the grand tradition of old time western serials… a killer cliff hanger! Awesome page. Now it’s gonna be a loooong three weeks.

  2. Simon_H

    Love the texture in the dust and dirt. Thanks for your work so foar, looking forward to more!

  3. whyda

    This page is lovely. Not surprised that the big man lives.

    Glad to hear that your taking a break, everyone needs one from time to time. I can’t wait for the story to return.

  4. Amber

    Oh no. Oh wait. Where’d the horseys go? Are they dust? Do I still have to call PETFA?

    It’s a beautiful page even if you are a mean bastard for killing off the ponies.

  5. Michael Regina

    Stinkin awesome guys! I love the way this whole sequence played out. Dave, how are you getting the watercolor look in Photoshop?

  6. Amber

    The answer is so simple. Dave sold his soul to the Devil but instead of getting spectacular fiddlin’ skills he got ridiculous photoshop and banjo skills.

  7. zack kruse

    Beautiful stuff. When you read these last 4-5 pages all in a row it’s really compelling story telling. Huge amounts of suspense and action and a pay off that does not disappoint. One of the many reasons this is one of my favorite webcomics out there.

  8. Andy Jewett


  9. Filthy McMonkey

    That fella’s shirt must be pretty tough, too. Unstable molecules?

  10. Dean

    Really cool! I can’t wait to see more!

  11. James Andrew Clark

    But you must!

  12. AlpineBob

    Ohnoes! I must now wait 3 weeks for the next page of awesomeness!
    Oh, well, I got a sketch card in the queue so I suppose that the wait is partially my fault…
    Darn me anyway!

  13. citizenDave

    Thanks for all the feedback, guys! I’m glad you liked this chapter. Sorry for the hiatus, but we’ll try to get some supplementary material up in the meantime to tide you over.

  14. Brent

    Oh no he ripped his shirt. Poor boy.
    So does this mean you have time to visit?

  15. jonny the homicidal drummer

    are you kidding me with this shit! one splash panel is not enough!

  16. KillerWhalen

    Man, pure torture! I heard about GoSV on the “Atomic Geeks” Podcast, and decided to check it out. I read through everything you guys have so far….and catch up to a 3-week hiatus! Just my luck. But really, this comic is so great, and as a fan of Western, Fantasy, and Steampunk, I think I’ll be very happy here 🙂

  17. Gregory

    Just found this comic today, at around two in the morning. Read through everything. This is amazing- art, concept, dialogue, execution… like Clint Eastwood meets the X-men, and they have tea with Stephen King.
    Of course, now I have to wait until April to read more. Regardless, you now have another reader, and I may send a few more people this way. In fact, I will definitely send a few more people this way.

  18. Sean

    Mad props Dave. Totally understand the hiatus. I was actually talking with Julian (Ants) the other day about how awesome the quality is on this comic and how quick you output pages, you must be burnt out. Looking forward to when this resumes.

  19. Shanty

    Wow, this guy is a stone!!!

  20. Skeptible

    First reaction: Very cool, and to hear broken lumber tumbling to stillness.
    Second reaction: That looks like a freeze frame of a big guy getting down with his bad self and hearing techno/club music.