Chapter 3: Leave The Bottle
April 6th, 2010

Chapter 3: Leave The Bottle

Our break is over, and it’s back to work! The first page of Chapter 3 “Leave The Bottle” goes up next week and our comments contest will begin anew. In the meantime, we’ll have an exciting announcement in the next few days, so keep a sharp eye out…

– Jim


  1. AlpineBob

    Ooh, teasers!
    Now, in addition to jonesing for the story, I’m thirsty, too.

  2. boots

    i thought april would never come.

    : D

  3. citizenDave

    “Back to work”? I never stopped working!

  4. James Andrew Clark

    That’s not what Rusty said.

  5. Steeven

    “Leave the bottle.”

    Sounds like something Frank might say.

  6. James Andrew Clark

    I kid. Dave has indeed been working hard, as always. The effort he puts into this project is amazing. The evidence is all over this site.

    So while some of us are sleeping, Dave is giving himself carpal tunnel.

  7. richsan

    wicked cool sepia tones-nice reflections on the bottle-pretty sick dave!!!

  8. Jim B.

    Well I just got caught up and can say This seems to be getting better and better every day. Thanks.

  9. peris

    i just found out about your comic at comic-con.i hit the link and i read it all!!!i really enjoyed it until here.but i was dissapointed when i got to this page,because i believed it would have been completed!!!now i”ll have to wait!anyway congratulations for the nomitation!cya on Tuesday!

  10. KyleSpiral

    Got my Guns of Shadow Valley T-shirt on! I am ready for some more!