Chapter 3 Page 03
April 27th, 2010

Chapter 3 Page 03


  1. AlpineBob

    Well, he’s seen better days. Easy to see why he might want a bottle or more of stiff drinks. But first he’s got to get to the bottle…

  2. evaD

    I hope I never wake up like that.

  3. FourthNail

    I HAVE waken up like that before 🙁

  4. peru

    Poor bird…all that yelling and fighting for nothing?

  5. zack kruse

    Oh man. He’s on top of a tree, isn’t he? That’s a hell of a ka-blosion from the crash

  6. Rickety_Rico

    Frank should have told Sheriff Dawson to stick it and stayed in town.

  7. Dean

    Wow, nice dramatic balance. Great color use. Really powerful work!

  8. Rob Harrington

    This chapter has been very cinematic so far; very cool!

  9. Onepot

    Five U’s in “uuuuungh”! Never a good sign!

  10. citizenDave

    Thanks, fellas! Yeah, Frank’s going to be feeling that in the morning.

    And to all the new readers and comment makers, welcome to the posse!

  11. jonnythehomicidaldrummer

    new page and i won a sketch! hot dog its the best day ever…ooooh sorry about the stagecoach man…

  12. Lawrence Santoro

    hungover, run over…and who knows WHAT that raven’s going to drop flying over?

  13. Dang!

    I just spent the past two hours (of work) reading GoSV from the beginning. Needless to say, I am hooked.

  14. ErocktheRed

    I have to admit that before today I had never read any Guns of Shadow Valley. I saw that it was nominated for an Eisner (congrats!) so I had to check it out. WOW!! I Love It! My only complaint is that I read it all and now have to wait until next week for more. Thanks Dave!

  15. Jim B.

    A little late, but glad I still read it. Can’t believe I look forward to reading this each week. Thank you.

  16. theditor

    man, that big guy just can’t catch a break. Hard to imagine they’re gonna be friends after this. And the horses too. Damn.