Chapter 3 Page 09
June 15th, 2010

Chapter 3 Page 09


  1. Lord Shaper

    Tempting us with the impending doom… I don’t know if I can wait until next week!

  2. evaD

    The expressions on the horses faces in the bottom panel are awesome.

  3. Joe

    Either poor hostage boy became dessert or fat boy got a bigger surprise than anticipated.

  4. Kyle Latino

    I love the attention paid to the skies for this strip, but particularly this page. Nice job.

  5. zack kruse

    Holy crap. I was so wrapped up in the other story line and the heroes getting together that I nearly forgot about these bastards.

    Given how horrifying that scream was…someone in the covered wagon ain’t doing to well.

  6. Dean

    The lighting is amazing in this strip! Very dramatic and beautifully effective!

  7. PeterWatson

    Those are some scared horses. The art was great with them. This one page a week is killing me, I need more.

  8. richsan

    have to agree with Kyle Latino on the skies. panel 3 is gorgeous!!!

  9. Brent

    And the tile reads: Passing a stone.

  10. carlos

    Cool! I was missing the seemingly-defenseless kid and the fire-burping fatass. Nice to have them back in the spotlight 🙂

  11. citizenDave

    Thanks, guys! Sorry again for the late page. I can’t say I’ll try to do better, but I’ll try to try!

  12. Chris Campbell

    Dave – So I just read the whole webcomic in one sitting. Damn! Beautiful stuff. My favorite page thus far was the page where the big guy was giving water to the little guy, and you could see the light filtering through the leaves and creating shadows. Great atmosphere in every page. I’m on board now, man. Can’t wait for the eventual, awesome print edition.

  13. Amber

    You put Thomas Kinkade to shame with those landscapes, baby!

    Seriously, the lighting is breathtaking and the horses have truly become characters in the story as well because of how you handle their actions and reactions.

  14. Rob van Overmeeren

    Just beautiful..I can’t ell you how much I enjoy your comic, westerns are so rare, especially really high quality ones like this! @Amber LMAO Kinkade could be the world’s biggest douche..

  15. kid_sodapop

    read all the chapters today. awesome work.

  16. AlpineBob

    @Brent: my first thought was in a similar vein: Now that is some fiery diarhea!

  17. jonny the homicidal drummer

    this man can draw a horse