Chapter 3 Page 11
July 6th, 2010

Chapter 3 Page 11


  1. Jim B.

    And yet another “powered” guy. Too bad he works for the government. lol. Looks like he strained to do it though.

  2. zack kruse

    Blammo! It would be great to see that dude squaring off with Shoushan

  3. Matt S.

    I’m not quite sure what happened here. Is the last panel supposed to be a visual metaphor, like the kid is connected to the rock/earth psychically or spiritually, or did he meld himself physically to the rock somehow between last week’s strip and the last panel of this week’s? Not trying to be a jerk, I’m just a little confused.

  4. James Andrew Clark

    Matt: Go with your first guess.

  5. Dean

    Wow! Geomantic phantom pain! Sweet!

  6. Joe

    I too smell a Langston-Shoushan showdown!

  7. PeterWatson

    And who is this guy? This place is messed up. Everybody is a beast. Again the art is fantastic and is putting me in the scene.

  8. evaD

    Sure looks like he pulverized it utterly.


    Poor little guy can’t win.

  10. kid_sodapop

    wonder if the two strong man might fight

  11. Brent

    Great Gaia!

  12. Frank

    If you notice the Colonel’s belt buckle is an upside down eagle belt buckle, and the color of his jacket. Those are two good indicators that he was a Confederate.