Chapter 3 Page 12
July 13th, 2010

Chapter 3 Page 12


  1. evaD

    What’s that stuff in the rock? Looks like bad news.

  2. jonnythehomicidaldrummer


  3. zack kruse

    Whoa. What the hell?

  4. Jim B.

    Whatever it is; it kind of looks like it took out the kid.

  5. Dean

    Nice sense of dramatic pacing with the art and really amazing lighting with the colors. Great job as always!

  6. Dadzarro

    Nice atmospheric page! You guys keep throwing questions out there… we all wait eagerly for answers.

  7. chris keller

    the rock is a source of energy check out the shadows

  8. Filthy McMonkey

    I’m not sure who I hate more, here, Dave. You, for not being a robot who can crank this thing out faster, or me for being so weak I can’t just wait for the whole story to be done.

  9. theditor

    A living Geiger Counter… That’s a very specific super-power. I love how the colonel has a man for every situation.

  10. VMAAXT

    What is the Colonel quoting?

  11. James Andrew Clark

    The Bible. Mark 4:22, to be exact.

  12. carlos

    “Shan’t” is cool as hell.

  13. Damian Smith

    Some GLowing Green stuff in the rock can’t be good!

  14. AlpineBob

    Damn me if it isn’t!

  15. Brent

    Everlovin Hulk, Hulk. Ain’t he incredulous!

  16. PeterWatson

    Did they find mass amounts of Kryptonite?

  17. jonnythehomicidaldrummer

    i beat you to it
    read the other comments fool!

  18. Joe

    The Colonel seems like he knows what’s going on and isn’t letting anyone else in on the big secret. Send him my e-mail. Let him know I won’t tell.

  19. Robert Kidd

    Indeed quite intriguing.